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Title: Betul ke ni???terkejut beruk dibuatnye
Author: cik pjaz
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Salam, sambil2 Pjaz jalan2 kat Yahoo td Terjumpa la satu penjualan PULAU heheh betul ke ni..?? macam x caye plak.. 'PRIVATE ISL...

sambil2 Pjaz jalan2 kat Yahoo td
Terjumpa la satu penjualan PULAU heheh
betul ke ni..??
macam x caye plak..


sape2 yang ade duit lebih lepas raya ni,
boleh la beli satu pulau ni kan?
Jom kite tengokk..

Thanks for En. Yahoo =)

'Think Robinson Crusoe. Sir Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, and Celine Dion all own their own islands'

Ni antara pulau yang nak dijual,
sebenarnye byak la jugak,hehehe

Macam-macam la skrg ni...

Ram Island

Place: Machias Bay, Maine, 50 miles east of Bar Harbor
Asking Price
: $595,000
: 16

One tree, a few sheep, a 20 by 20 foot platform for pitching a tent, and a mooring in the cove. The rest is grass, rocks, and 360-degree views of the ocean and bay.

Charlie's Island

Where: Near Marathon, in the Florida Keys
Asking Price: $995,000
Acreage: 0.32

The turquoise-colored roofs you see in the picture are open-air sitting areas with decks, chairs, and a campfire cooking area. But the island also comes with a 38-foot houseboat, not pictured here, that sleeps 4-5 people. Great reefs nearby for snorkeling. All the seafood you can eat.

Snug Harbour Island

Where: On Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Asking Price: $1,057,000
Acreage: 3

A two-hour drive from Toronto, this island features a two-bedroom, two-bath cottage with a glassed-in porch overlooking the water, a separate guest cabin with bathroom, hot tub built into the rock outcropping, and a boathouse with deep water mooring. Running water, electric, a septic field. And it has wireless Internet access. So you could get away from it all, but still check your e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Watch Island

Place: St. Lawrence Seaway, near Clayton, NY
Asking Price
: $1,950,000
: 1.3

There are 1,400 lakes in the Thousand Lakes region of upstate New York. But few of them come with a 6,500-square-foot mansion -- ten bedrooms, four bathrooms, plus a boat house and dock. About an hour-and-a-half drive from either Syracuse or Montreal.

Little Hog Cay

Place: Near Abacos, Northern Bahamas
Asking Price
: $1,950,000
Acreage: 25
Partially developed

Notice the lagoon that separates the west side of the island from the east. On the west side sits a studio home and a guest cabana with an electric generator. The east side is undeveloped. Marina and airstrip are a 15-minute boat ride away, on the main island of Abacos.

5 Cove Island

Place: Howe Sound, British Columbia, between Whistler and Vancouver
Asking Price: $2,950,000
Acreage: 5

A 30-minute boat ride from the city of Vancouver, this island is up for sale to developers, with an approved subdvision plan.

K lah,bye2 & Salam =)

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